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One of the reasons for doing this project is to engage with the public sphere, the public space of representations... it is to engage with our world as wearers of many hats (the hat of citizen, of artist, of writer, of activist, of student, of teacher, of parent, of child, of lover, of mourner, of consumer, of producer, cartographer, of angeleno, of giver, of taker, of displacement, of engagement, of passivity).

The goal is to write here about what lead up to the event and why we thought it was worth making time to do it (what else is politics anyway?).

Create an account, a public account of what happened and why.

Public Release!!* took place on April 20, 2008 from 7-10pm in the Vons parking lot where Echo Park's favorite taco stand, Taco Zone, sets up shop every night on the curb just outside of the fence.

We decided to create a thorough map of what happened, what led up to the event and to put forth some rumination about the future.

One of our main thesis is that through creating self-defined maps, a greater clarity of ones actual, percieved, and potential world occurs.

The left side of the screen has the content and this side has the navigation.

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