HomeSchool 8am-8pm:

8am @ 4627 FinleyAve #202, LA CA 90027
6pm @ Cold Storage

If you'd like to join us for the full tour please understand that it will be intense, diverse, multidisciplinary, and rather long. The Schoolers encourage you to join at 8am and stay for the full 12-hour duration. Unfortunately they cannot be met midway due to the logistics of bicycling throughout the east side of Los Angeles. Contact for details on how to join for the full HomeSchool Tour.

Each Schooler has designed a 30 minute class/conversation/performance for their fellow Schoolers and you (the honorary Schoolers for the day). The route will take us from Los Feliz through Silver Lake into Echo Park and then over to Cypress Park with the final home in the Industrial District across the street from Cold Storage

If the full 12-hour immersion is not possible you can join the Schoolers in celebration at Cold Storage beginning at 6pm for a street-side Sundown Schoolhouse happy hour (byob!)

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