A few of the farms we shop from at local markets. The two biggest markets in Los Angeles are the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sunday mornings and the Santa Monica Farmer's Market on Wednesday mornings. Many of the farm's that come to these market go to the smaller markets throughout Southern California. A few of the farm's that we seem to shop at the most are: The Mud Creek Ranch, Tutti Frutti, Mitchell's Herbs, Flora Bella, South Central Farmer's, Jaime Family Farms, Coleman Farm, Bezian's Bakery, Fang Farm, Finley Farm, Laura's Avocadoes and Persimmons, among many others.

There is a great market in Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree that we shop at for Sound Camp.

Our basic premise upon arriving at the market is to walk around and visit and taste samples from all of the stands. Look for varieties, price, and freshness. Ask the seller where they grow and what is best that week. Ask them how they might use an unfamiliar ingredient. Thank them and keep walking. Once you have a sense of what is available that day makea list in your head and then begin buying one thing here, one thing there.

Takes place at your local farmer's market.

Join RoutesAndMethods for a one-on-one walk/meet/learn/buy at your local farmer's market. Farmer's Marketing is a project that brings the radical practiioners (farmers) and the perceived radicals (you) together into a new form of connection and support. Shop for a day, for a week, or for a single big meal.

Sign up:
To take part in Farmer's Marketing please e-mail register@RoutesAndMethods.org with Farmer's Marketing and your name in the subject