General Details and Logistics:
The goal is to explore sound in this large, open space. There will be approximately 50-60 people in attendance for the weekend. Meals are going to be prepared collectively. The camp is centered around a series of boulders and Joshua trees with a natural amphitheater living room and an adjoining stone kitchen. There are many sites to set up your tents or to simply lay down your sleeping roll.
All the food is going to be eaten family style and made from crops grown by Southern California farmers. Due to the broad ranging dietary needs of people we are going to eat non-processed vegetarian. If you have any special diets/allergies do not hesitate to tell us (we can cater to any specific need). All ingredients will be provided.

We are going to have three semi-structured activity times over the course of the weekend where we will explore sound. No special instruments are needed.

Nights at this time of year are generally warm enough to not need a tent. However, it would be a good idea to bring one in case a cold spell comes through. Bring a sleeping bag.

We will be eating large meals together so we ask everyone to bring their favorite bowl, cutlery, drinking cup, and cloth napkins or hand towels.

Each person needs to bring five (5) gallons of water (preferably in a single reusable container). This water will be used for drinking, food preparing, cooking, and washing. Also, please bring your own beverages (beer, etc…).

Weather Protection:
We will be outdoors from Saturday morning until we leave camp Sunday afternoon. Please bring big hats, strong sunscreen, and sunglasses. We highly advise lightweight, loose fitting, long sleeve shirts and pants. The weekend is designed to take advantage of the natural path of shade provided by the boulders, but please anticipate the harshness of living in the desert for two days. Also, please note that nights in the high desert can get cold, so bring something warm just in case.

The weekend is open to anyone. No musical or camping experience is needed. We anticipate a wide age group from two year olds to seventy year olds. Expect musicians, farmers, doctors, dancers, medics, laborers, writers, bankers, and any other sound camping enthusiasts you know.

Even we get lost driving to the location, so we will need to go in a single caravan. Due to space limitations we need to limit the cars driven into the site to approximately one dozen. We hope to pack 4-5 people into each car for the final drive to the site. We are happy to help organize carpooling from Los Angeles and coordinate the caravan from Yucca Valley through Pioneertown and up the dirt roads leading to the site.

Reminder List:
We highly encourage you to email us if you are interested in attending. To allow for word to spread and to add some degree of open access we are going to officially put registration tickets on sale Monday, April 9, 2007 at 8pm. Pre-emailing will NOT guarantee a space, but it will put you on a reminder email list.

Please email if you have any questions and to add yourself to the reminder list.


Future - SPRING 2008:

Silence Camp @ Sound Camp:

on a weekend yet-to-be-determined

Uncorrected @ Sound Camp:
on a weekend yet-to-be-determined

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Away-from-Work-weekend @ Sound Camp:
Jimmy and co-workers... April 5-6, 2008
Let's get the table off those saw horses and try out the new solar cooker!

Written August, 2007,

The weekend was mostly a success. The participants for the most part enjoyed themselves... though it is questionable what actually occured? There are lots of pictures which we have (as of 3 months later) yet to get up online. Also, everyone in attendance was given a personalized booklet with the outline for the weekend, safety tips, and the menu. The weather was windy, extremely windy (blow over your tent windy). We are not sure when, if, how something else might occur. A small group went out in June and spent the entire 2 days under the table sweating in the shade barely able to move due to the extreme heat.


SOUND CAMP: May 5-6, 2007
a RoutesAndMethods weekend

Hosted by High Desert Test Sites
at their newest and most remote location:

>>> Registration opened April 9, 2007 at 8pm <<<

Join us for a weekend exploring sound in a large, open space above Pioneertown, USA. Situated in the high desert, above Yucca Valley, Sound Camp is a project to test and play with the boundaries of sound and structure.

We will meet in town on Saturday May 5, 2007 at 11am and then caravan into camp. You will need to bring sleeping gear, a bowl, utensils and five gallons of water. All food will be provided for the weekend. We will caravan out of camp on Sunday afternoon. Space is very limited, so you MUST register.

Registration begins April 9, 2007 at 8pm. If you would like to send us an email to express your interest and to receive a reminder please email Further instructions for registration are below.


Registration will be a two step procedure:

1. After 8pm on April 9 you can send a registration request to with the names and number in your group.

2. We will then send you a confirmation email with a link to Pay-pal where you can make your payment of $25 per person. This registration fee covers the logistics of the weekend’s food.

Only after you have successfully registered via Pay-pal are you officially signed up. With current interest levels we anticipate space filling up very quickly, so please send your request promptly.

We encourage you to email us if you are interested in attending. Pre-emailing will NOT guarantee a space, but it will put you on a reminder email list.