A Mound for You:
If you would like to have your own Mound, we are offering a service of joining you for a single day where we will work simultaneously with you to build a fertile earthwork and to provide you with all of our knowledge of how to make your Mound productive. Plus, we will start you off with seedlings and seeds. If you are seriously interested in this one-on-one twelve hour day let us know via email sent to mp (at) routesandmethods (dot) org with Mound in the subject line..
Our Eight Mounds:
We operate a test garden of eight Mounds with Vi Thuc Ha in the backyard of her shared rental house, with the back drop of the historically signifigant Chavez Ravine. The first three Mounds began the same day the first set of wallls were lifted into place by a 300 ton crane.


The Mound is a method of gardening where soil is built into a small hill with a crater at the top. The Mound is treated like a small ecosystem; diversity of flora and fauna sustain its health. Effecient watering and embraced chaos make this method of gardening a good choice for first timers and those with busy schedules.