photo taken on guest, Amy Oliver's, Motorola v710; she took the $1 option

Lunch: shop, prepare, and eat. 

Involvement options are to join at the market, to join to prepare, or to just come eat. 

Correlating cost options are the price of the food, price of the food plus $1 or price of the food plus $8. 

To sign up please e-mail with your name and Lunch in the subject heading

A Few Recent Notable Fiasco's:

Lunch is on haitus at the moment, but eating lunch with strangers and friends is still great. So great in fact that it happens all the time. Some new friends might make lunch together soon.

Lunch with guest organizer Judith Hoffman at the Union Square Farmer's Market in lower Manhattan on August 8, 2007. A torrential rain hit NYC in the early morning hours and ground lunch to a group of four and kept about half of he vendors from crossing bridges and tunnels into the city.

Lunch with guest chef Roopa Shenoy in her home June 17, 2007 Happy Father's Day. Interestingly the conversation went to the issue of money. How much each of the ten people there should pay. Restaurants held by friends are a strange thing... money between friends is stranger.