Public Release!!*
Sunday, April 20th, 2008, Echo Park, Los Angeles
--> 7-8pm bookstand opens
--> 8-10ish Public Release!!* (performances and such)

Public Release!!* is a parking lot collaboration between RoutesAndMethods and the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest in celebration of An Atlas of Radical Cartography and Issue #5.

The Vons parking lot by the Taco Truck on Alvarado, just north of Sunset, right before Alvarado merges with Glendale Blvd.

--> You are invited
----> bring something or someone picked up along the way
----> park, lock, walk; then processions and car-iographies
----> consume late night tacos and groceries
----> extend invitations without alienations
----> rant away with radio play
--> and your departure

*a Kaprow inspired event, not endorsed by moca

100 of the above posters to be hung throughout Los Angeles // drawing by Jane Tsong // design Dept. of Graphic Services


An Atlas of Radical Cartography (edited by Lex Bhagat and Lize Mogel) pairs artists, architects, designers, and collectives with writers to explore the map’s role as political agent. These (10) ten mapping projects and critical essays take on social and political issues from globalization to garbage.

These include:
- An Architektur / Sebastian Cobarrubias, Maribel Casas-Cortes on migration in Europe.
-Center for Urban Pedagogy / Heather Rogers on garbage flows in New York City.
-Ashley Hunt / Avery Gordon on the global
prison-industrial complex.
-Institute for Applied Autonomy / Tad Hirsch on surveillance and “tactical cartography”.
-Pedro Lasch / Alejandro DaCosta on migration in the Americas.
-Lize Mogel / Sarah Lewison on geography, gentrification, and globalization.
-Trevor Paglen & John Emerson / Naeem Mohaiemen on extraordinary rendition.
-Brooke Singer / Kolya Abramsky on the contradictions of cheap energy in the US.
-Jane Tsong / Jenny Price, D.J. Waldie, et al, on human impacts on LA’s water ecology.
-Unayyan / Jai Sen on mapping the unintended city in 1980s Calcutta.


Please note if you have read this far:
--> (performances and such) means various things will occur, some that you are encouraged to activate, and some which you can sit back and watch...
--> 'bring something or someone' can be interpreted as bringing something to perform, to consume, to sell, to show, or it could be a score, or a speech, or a/to whatever...
--> as we get closer to the 20th, we will continue to add new info about what will occur
--> also, to those of you who are having a seder on Sunday, apologies in advance for trying to double book you, we'll be at the parking lot until at least 10, if not later

Public Release!!* took place on April 20, 2008 from 7-10pm in the Vons parking lot where Echo Park's favorite taco stand, Taco Zone, sets up shop every night on the curb just outside of the fence.

We decided to create a thorough map of what happened, what led up to the event and to put forth some rumination about the future.

One of our main thesis is that through creating self-defined maps, a greater clarity of ones actual, percieved, and potential world occurs.

The left side of the screen has the content and this side has the navigation.

scores: via stamps
what people brought: bring something
what occured: the tale we tell
some of what was planned: a menu of sorts
photos which don't fit elsewher
the goal: a public statement of intent: the backstory
add your own take, pics, rants and more