For information on Sundown Schoolhouse and on Schooler Projects please read below. For info on HomeSchool click links above:

Katie Bachler, Devin Elizabeth Browne, Pablo Cavero, Sarah Cole, Tracy Dishman, Fritz Haeg (Principal), Qusai Kathawala, Michael Parker, Alia Raza, Mark Rodriguez
The organizer of SUNDOWN SCHOOLHOUSE, Fritz Haeg, recently sent out the following update and project descriptions:

~ Fall 2006 Update & Projects For You ~
We are almost at the end of the first season of the Sundown Schoolhouse. {} Nine students aged 19-31 have been gathering in the dome on Sundown Drive every Tuesday from 8am-8pm with some amazing artists, dancers, designers, planners, scientists & writers from Los Angeles and beyond. It has been an intense, illuminating, informative, inspiring and intimate adventure!
In the mean time I am sending you descriptions of projects by a few of the current students. These require some response which will be published in their upcoming newspaper. Look them over, reply to one or all of them directly to each student. For more information on Sundown Schoolhouse you may contact
* projects by TRACY *
For our final event on December 10th, 2006 we will be distributing our newspaper. It will include interviews, editorials, photo essays, advice columns and the like. My project for the paper is a sort of obituary column. I’m asking for people to tell me, “What have you lost?”  It can be your favorite black cashmere sweater, your passport, your virginity, or your dad. Also, please include your first name and your age. Send to
I’m currently interested in the need to celebrate, honor, and remember via ritual.  I’m asking for people to write a brief description of their ritual that I will compile into a book. Your submission can be anonymous or not. It should also include:
1. your age
2. where you live
3. what your ritual entails
4. how often you perform your ritual
5. if/how it celebrates or honors something or someone
6. how long you have been performing your ritual
I’m excited to read and share these stories. In an attempt to cast a wide net, please forward this email to family and friends and co-workers of all ages. To be included in the book, please respond by December 1st, 2006. However, if you miss this deadline and still want to respond, please do. All contributors will receive information on how to obtain the book and my deep appreciation. Send to Send to
* Project by ALIA *
In which readers send in questions about art, love, friendship, money, or anything else they'd like advice on. Alia will answer selected questions in her column in the Sundown newspaper. To ask a question, send an email to
* Project by MARK *
I will be interviewing artist's assistants in their studios and work areas. I would like to use these interviews to publish into a magazine along with pictures of the artist assistant's art work along with pictures of other unexpected places and things. The magazines will be distributed amongst the assistant's and artists that they work for creating an artist's local union through the printed word. Are you an artists assistant? Contact
* Projects by MICHAEL *
Cold Storage is ephemeral, with an unknown scope and imprecise function. Cold Storage was ignited out of an act of neighborly trust and incongruous generosity. Cold Storage is open to anyone with an idea to actualize, a desire for participatory exploration, and a willingness to fail. Visit for details.
Invitation for you to teach me... you have much to offer.
I am seeking new people to take to the farmer's markets of Los Angeles. We can shop for a week or shop for a big meal. We will talk and walk and taste and learn. This project will likely turn into a participatory lunch club after the Fall Session is over. 
Contact if interested. 
* Project by PABLO *
Qu'est-ce que c'tait ce bruit ? ... Je veux changer le monde ! * ... You too, sacrebleu, ask monsieur Pablo Cavero the words or small sentences that you'd like to have translated in French. (*What was that noise?... I want to change the world!) contact
* Project by SARAH *
Seeking persons exhibiting physical/emotional symptoms from living in the 21st century.  A wide range of techniques will be employed, including but not limited to errand running, problem solving, art-making, meditation. Exchanges will be customized. contact
* Project by KATIE *
Think about the role monsters play in human life.
When were your first notions of monsters formed? 
Have they changed since your childhood? 
Why are there accounts of ‘sasquatches’ in places all over the world?  Do you experience fear when thinking of monsters? 
Are monsters phantasmagorical?
Can humans be monsters? 
Have they been historically?
Will you draw me a monster? 
Please send to
Sunday, December 10th

HomeSchool 8am-8pm:

8am @ 4627 FinleyAve #202, LA CA 90027
6pm @ Cold Storage

Sundown Schoolhouse will celebrate its first season with, HomeSchool, at Cold Storage.

Click here for official page and pictures!

will begin at 8am in Los Feliz and will travel via bicycle to the home of each Schooler, from west to east and then south. At each Schooler house the host will lead a class/conversation/performance for the assembled group. HomeSchool will last twelve hours and the Schoolers will wear Caprons. You are welcome to join the Schoolers for the full tour, or you can meet at 6pm for tales of the adventure, the Caprons, the unexpected and to be a part.

The Cold Storage part of the day will be the celebration of the day-long HomeSchool tour and the celebration of the first season of the Sundown Schoolhouse.

The Schoolers will provide a real nice spread of homecooked food, but please bring your own drinks and more food will always be appreciated.

Also, please dress warmly... it's cold out there.


CURRENT: the building is getting closer to completion:
FUTURE projects will likely include
PROPOSALS are gladly accepted
ABOUT Cold Storage
JOIN the email list
LOCATED across the street
HELP the how to guide

Celebrate FAILURE! book release street party
Six freezers - Six dancers: a new inside/insight
Sundown Schoolhouse's, HomeSchool's happy hour
Spontaneous Choreography during construction hours
november2006, Pablo's capacitor charges for one month
Mexican Journey: a farewell send off
Tailgating Typewriter: construction notes
Mapping the floor with Katie Bachler
Dance Battle!! Mystic Order's street-side dance off
Festival (5): A last-minute addition in front of the thing
Difference Octet, with composer, David Kendall
Laughter Yoga with instructor, David Dodge
Games People Play with composer, Adam Overton
Bike: a night of byob, create your own adventure
Radio Transmission Orchestra: bring your own radio
Surrealestate and Special Guests, with eight players
Four Compostions by Thadeus Frazier-Reed
Privat-Publikum no. 4: composer Johnny Chang plus 12
Concert for Peace: 25 musicians join to support the Mid East
CARMADA: Sonja Vordermaier and her Convoy of 15
String Theory brings 5 musicians and 6 dancers
Lighthouse Music composed by Joe Kudirka
Vacuum Cleaner Percussion by Liam Mooney
Herding Blimps and Wireless GeeseNecks by Jed Berk
Salmonella kitchen and atmosphere study (6)
by Mark So
Steven's Swept: an endurance cleaning
Only [harmony series 17] by Michael Pisaro
Octet Rehearsal with 4 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos
Los Angeles Urban Rangers: consultation with Chief Ranger
The wall and sky at sunset: a field camera with Amy Oliver
in a large, open space by James Tenney
fireworks: listened to the city's ambient noise
RS-232 (AKA Joe Cantrell) amplified vertical posts
Vi Thuc Ha
had a duel with Dieu Thuc Ha; cello vs. viola
Bill Wheelock quotes Edward Said
Claimed the construction site as a creative space