Here's what we are working on thinking about right now as of Saturday afternoon at 2:19pm:

1> space bicycles stamp (with mother and daughter stamping enthusiasm ringleaders) (see score under bikes #10 below:)
2> find partners stamp (interpretable bodies/minds dispersions in space) (score reads: FIND PARNTERS / boundaries borders bodies / 1. north if new 2. east if sunset 3. south if elysian 4. west if you're sure 5. repeat )
3> map your journey stamp (steal mini pencils from a private institution) (idea comes out of the closing section Jai Sen's essay on mapping unintended Calcutta) (the stamp is Jane's Vons' drawing)

4> shopping cart o' books (operated with gusto by Lex from 7-8 and from 8-10 by others too) (with signage by jessica in english/russian/(spanish as well?) (Issua 5, An Atlas, anything else?)

5> have cars park in ordered fashion within the existing painted grid so that headlights face each other creating a zone/alley/lighted area.
6> maps on hoods... not overly neat... more the suggestion of a road trip, so that people can use/look/touch them... magnets?
7> radios off and on in a coordinated manner... maybe the score should be: "Someone who drove here, decide to be the leader of the car radio orchestra, orchestrate radios off and on (together or apart) for three minutes or for another duration keeping in mind the following words: silence, restraints, alienate, exuberance, and five other words"
8> car fun flicker on and on lights
9> car fun/bike fun promenade in between (likely not preplanned but expected that it most likely will certainly occur)

Bike Revolutions!:
10> same as #1: Space Bicycles / inner orbits / outer orbits / any number / any speed
11> arrival and departure: radical cartography

12> dispersion score: if cops break things up then radically map your way somewhere together or apart
13> we should have no reason to worry about cops as we will be customers at Vons and at Taco Zone...

14> Keep your receipts! Try to make a tally at the end of the night to see how much money we added to the economy... (I am planning to buy recycled toilet paper and a burrito. i am a patriotic American!)
15> explain to people we are making art in a public place; well actually a strangely public space which is privately owned. we are interested in observing and producing our world with new notions of the connections between. invite them to look at a map from An Atlas and give them a stamped map of the parking lot and encourage them to create their own map, as we have a great deal of interest in people producing their own world views.

16> if you have some chalk bring it. it'd be nice to be able to make chalk maps

signs and such:
17> cardboard placards with arrows and simple questions and directions to be made during Public Release!!* and used possibly to engage a big group in activities. we need to have both light and dark paints, at least some cardboard on hand in advance and also we need to plan to use some of Vons' empty boxes. A box knife to cut cardboard, some brushes (please try to not not not paint on the asphalt as that would put us in the category of vandals and we are trying to avoid this)

bring something or someone:
18> as of now I am aware of at least one group of experimental musicians (coming out of very silent music a la Cage) who are planning on coming around with a score for what seems like voices in a large space... sort of like public lectures with most of the words missing. it seems like it would be great to be going on there as well. The person organizing it is Mark So, who is a very good friend of Adam Overton's. excited at even the notion of people bringing material of their own, based on the notion of publicity we've been doing. they are scores by an artist named Zelenka.
18> maybe something else?
19> Share with this person what you brought

20> Fred Dewey of Beyond Baroque will be ranting from the roof of our car.

other things:
21> hang out in small groups and chat
22> run run run around
23> follow the leader (though maybe not
24> drag things around and make noise.
25> crowd formations (ie. the face of jesus). Take photos
26> do the wave...
27> herd goats

Public Release!!* took place on April 20, 2008 from 7-10pm in the Vons parking lot where Echo Park's favorite taco stand, Taco Zone, sets up shop every night on the curb just outside of the fence.

We decided to create a thorough map of what happened, what led up to the event and to put forth some rumination about the future.

One of our main thesis is that through creating self-defined maps, a greater clarity of ones actual, percieved, and potential world occurs.

The left side of the screen has the content and this side has the navigation.

scores: via stamps
what people brought: bring something
what occured: the tale we tell
some of what was planned: a menu of sorts
photos which don't fit elsewher
the goal: a public statement of intent: the backstory
add your own take, pics, rants and more